Taco-flavored soda -- and 443,000 other drink combos

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flavorman innovations beverages flavorsFlavor scientist David Dafoe, founder of Flavorman.

Dafoe is a flavor scientist and founder of Flavorman, a 35-person firm in Louisville, Ky., that develops drink flavors for brands like Jones Soda, Ocean Spray, Joia Life and Diageo (DEO) (which owns Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff).

The small business has engineered 443,000 beverage formulations since it launched in 1992. Surprisingly, his clients aren't all humans.

"We've formulated taco-flavored soda, bourbon soda [and] devil's food cake vodka -- not to mention beverages for dogs, cats, horses, even hummingbirds," Dafoe said.

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The magic happens in an 24,000-square-foot facility in downtown Louisville, which he calls the heart of the distilling industry.

"People come to us to create a completely new flavored drink or to test an idea they already have," he said. "We figure out what flavors go with what."

For instance, if someone wants to market a new soft drink, Dafoe's team asks: What color and flavor? Will it have natural ingredients? What's the caloric content?

Beyond that, his firm also discusses packaging and marketing strategy. Will the product be in a plastic bottle, glass or can? Who's the target consumer?

flavorman joia

The cost to clients: $12,000 to $20,000 per project -- and Dafoe said he can have a prototype in just 10 days.

Last year, Flavorman logged $7 million in sales. Dafoe expects to double sales this year.

Sometimes large beverage companies with their own in-house flavor labs get stuck in a rut. So they reach out to Flavorman for fresh perspective.

It happened with Ocean Spray. "All they made was cranberry juices," said Dafoe. "We suggested they add lime juice to their formulations for a twist."

Flavorman helped a husband-wife entrepreneur team develop a vitamin-enhanced soda, which was ultimately acquired by Pepsi (PEP).

That same couple became a repeat client, working with Flavorman to create Crispin Hard Cider.

More recently, he helped three young entrepreneurs develop a brand of boxed wines, called BeatBox, which garnered $1 million from Mark Cuban after they pitched it on ABC's Shark Tank in October.

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Dafoe said he's always had a keen sense of smell. But he didn't pay attention to it until he landed a job in Cincinnati with a firm that made flavors for consumer products.

It's where he learned he could accurately identify and catalog as many as 100 different flavor extracts.

He left that job in 1992 to open a consultancy, which evolved into Flavorman.

In 2013, Dafoe launched a sister company, Moonshine University in Louisville, which offers a week-long distillers course.

"For me, it was a no-brainer," said Dafoe. "There's been a giant jump in the popularity of craft drinks like beers and flavored moonshine. We want to educate entrepreneurs about how to do it right."

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Weight Loss Supplements Systems Around The Usa

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Using a nutritional supplement to help decrease hunger pangs and increase fullness following a modest meal are all the fury. You need just walk down the aisles in the grocery store or drugstore to see box after box of different options available to help make your lifestyle changes as simple as possible. Many options have been developed by the weight-loss industry to take advantage of the different genetic variations which we all care he as well as underlying metabolism and exercise habits of people who want to lose weight top 10 weight loss pills.

No matter what program or nutritional supplement you decide to use weight loss happened the same way, for everyone, every time. In other words, we are what we eat, or rather how much we eat.

Were you aware that obesity is an issue that confronts about 70% of the American adult population . Approximately 15% of adolescents are also fat and overweight. The number of weight loss supplements are growing as the waistline of American's continues to expand.

Although the theory of weight loss is easy-you eat less than you burn-it is the execution that's not easy. The food industry competes with the weight loss business in advertising dollars trying to garner customers from the same target market. In an attempt to help you to eat out when clients want and still lose weight many individuals turn to supplements because changing eating habits can be unbelievably difficult. Using weight loss supplements and pills can sometimes help folks over the proverbial hump.

People also need something to work quickly. We live in a fast paced society where everything happens instantly, or at least we want it to happen immediately. It should happen now and it needs to be comparatively painless. . .

Weight loss supplementation can be purchased either over the counter or from a prescription. Prescription supplements are only available through drugstore that is local and your primary care physician best supplement for weight loss. The production and packaging of these are rigorously regulated by the National Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products also experience clinical trials and testing to prove safety and effectiveness.

Over the counter nutritional supplements aren't regulated in any way and are not classified as drugs. Because they are not classified as a drug there's no regulation on manufacturing or supply and the companies don't have the capacity to make specific health-related claims. The production businesses also generally do not have stringently performed clinical studies which give exactly the same advice that a prescribed supplement may.

Ephedra is one such example of a weight loss supplement that has a high rate of success but also a high side effect profile which includes cardiac problems, hypertension and even death. Hoodia Gordonii is another nutritional supplement that's both negative and positive press. There has been some credible weight loss reported with Hoodia but there are a number of makers that can guarantee the authenticity and quality of the merchandise the companies are delivering. There have also been research studies which have documented liver side effects that were important in those who have used a supplement for weight loss.

Many of the over the counter weight-loss supplements rely heavily on caffeine as their primary ingredients. Caffein has the effect of increasing metabolism somewhat as well as dehydrating the body. This gives the customer the initial feeling of being subsequently but there's also rally when the body attempts to keep as much fluid bloating is possible to be able to improve its chances for survival.

Caffein has been a weight-loss supplement that has existed for decades in both prescription drugs and over the counter nutritional supplements. And, while there are a number of negative side effects to the merchandise, people don't overuse the nutritional supplement can find some success and will be to remember to stay well hydrated.

When picking a weight-loss supplement most people believe that the primary ingredients are the active ingredients.

Remember that when you take any medicine, supplement or herb you're putting a chemical into your body that can react with any other compound that's already there. What this means is that although you're taking a weight-loss supplement meant to allow you to to lose weight it's going to respond with any other medication you have been prescribed for other underlying medical conditions or any other over the counter drug you may be taking. For this reason you must consult with the pharmacist to ascertain whether there are any adverse side effects from taking drugs together.

Using these supplements a long-term basis will not solve your issue. Instead they should be used in order to enable you to move away from old habits that were snacking, improve your nutritional consumption and alter your lifestyle habits. You go off the nutritional supplements if you return to your old habits your weight will rally and probably you will gain.

Over-the-counter nutritional supplements, fat loss herbal nutritional supplements and prescriptions are merely a tool in the fight against obesity. Use these tools accurately and with care you'll develop good eating habits you can continue to follow when you are not still using supplementation.

Explaining Straightforward diet chart for weight loss Products

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Diet chart for weight loss

Creating a diet graph for weight reduction is a great means to keep track of your progress on any diet. One of the best motivating powers when one is attempting to slim down is having the capability to see progress over time. The scale shows that you've lost 2 pounds and if you get on it, you will be encouraged and probably be more likely to continue following your diet. On the other hand, weight loss wraps if you do not track your improvement, chances are good that you'll cheat and sometimes deviate from your weight loss plan. After all, stop attempting to lose weight and if you do not have a way of seeing how well you're doing, you can become disenchanted with your diet.

What exactly is a Diet Graph?

Creating a diet graph for weight loss is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress on any diet. A diet graph is simply a graph which allows you to record your weight at certain intervals of time so you could see if you slimming down and are actually going in the correct way. It should comprise a location for the date, time of day that you just weigh yourself and your weight. That is the fundamental diet graph that functions well for its intended purpose.

What Can Be Part of a Diet Chart?

Health related dilemmas that might be important to follow are such things as blood sugar and your blood pressure. They are able to record their blood sugar on the diet chart along with their weight, when diabetics analyze it. Seeing how your diet is effecting your blood pressure can also be significant. If it is out of range on a consistent basis, you might need to change or correct your diet.

An and or minus column is a quick method to see just how well you are doing. The more minus marks, the more efficient your diet. Too many plus signs and you're not sticking to your diet or your diet is basically unworthy.